Trump accuses ‘Pak of taking advantage of US’ for long

President Donald Trump took on Pakistan once again and said that it needs to respect USA and not merely keep taking advantage of the situation.

Appreciative of Pakistan’s help in securing the Canadian American couple from Haqqani network, Trump said that this is real cooperation that he was looking for and went on to claim that the South Asian nation has been taking advantage of American for this long.

I have openly said Pakistan took tremendous advantage of our country for many years, but we’re starting to have a real relationship with Pakistan, and they’re to respect us as a nation again, and so are other nations, Trump said.

Trump said that he would call evil by its name. American citizen Caitlan Coleman and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle along with their three children were rescued from the Haqqani network on Thursday after an operation by Pakistani forces based on intelligence from the US authorities.

Trump had slammed Pakistan for its continued support to terrorist groups and warned Islamabad of consequences if it continues to do so while announcing his Afghan and south Asia policy in August.

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