Trump spoke in Davos,The world also grows with the growth of America

Trump spoke in Davos,” America First does not mean America alone, The world also grows with the growth of America.”

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American President Donald Trump cleared the ‘American protectionism’ in his speech at the World Economic Forum.

Trump said that there was never a better chance of investing, creating and moving forward in America. He said that the US is open to business and is competitive.

On terrorism, Trump said that America will do whatever it is necessary to protect its borders. Trump said that the US is working with its colleagues to eliminate terrorist organizations like ISIS.

He said that the US is leading the coalition to destroy terrorism.

In his speeches of the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, targeting the US in gestures, that many countries are becoming autism.

He said that the new trend of closing doors for the world is not less dangerous than terrorism and climate change. In his speech, Modi described protectionism as dangerous just like terrorism.

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