Trump’s administration edges towards world criticism for border unpleasantries

Mexican foreign minister asks US administration to unite girl with Down’s syndrome with her family members

The US President Donald Trump’s administration seems in for a global fallout of its ‘inhumane’ policy of separating children of immigrating Mexican families from their parents at the border itself.

According to official data, more than 2,000 migrant children have been separated from their families at the Mexico-US border over a period of six weeks since the policy was enforced in April.

Photographs and videos have appeared all over media and social sites presenting inconsolably howling children and their sorry parents at the US border.

Now, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray has requested the US to immediately reunite a girl with Down’s syndrome and her brother with their family. demanded that Trump’s administration take all necessary action to ensure an immediate reunion of the child and her brother with their mother and the family.

The 10-year old girl and her brother, the Mexiczn foreign minister referred to, were sent to a detention centre in McAllen in Texas, while their mother was sent to another facility in the Brownsville in the same state.

On Tuesday, the Minister had expressed Mexico’s “emphatic condemnation” of the US border policy, calling it “cruel and inhumane.”

Notably, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera also slammed the policy, saying that “no immigration policy should stop taking care, welcoming and protecting children. This is a universal principle, a principle that more than anything reflects values.”

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