Turkish media claims this is how Jamal Khashoggi was disposed off!!!

latest claims have been made in a Turkish newspaper

An international issue now, the fate of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been more brutal than expected earlier.

It is now said that the killers of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi poured his remains down the drain after dissolving him in acid.

The latest claims have been made in a Turkish newspaper.

It need be mentioned that Turkey has been taking up the issue of journalist and it then went on to be reported in international media.

It has been claimed that the samples taken from the drains at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul showed traces of acid.

It led the Turkish officials to believe the dead body of the journalist Jamal was disposed of through the drains as liquid, as per the newspaper.

Khashoggi was last seen entering the consulate on October 2 to obtain documents for his forthcoming marriage. His body has never been found.

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