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Twitter has alerted its users in India of a possible data breach

Twitter has alerted its users in India of a possible data breach, that is likely to have compromised their login details. The micro-blogging platform has been sending alert update to its users in the country via an email notification, asking them to update the app on mobile at the earliest.

The breach has not been officially confirmed by Twitter, as it is unsure whether such an incident has taken place or not. But it did inform through this post on Saturday that suggests, a vulnerability in the Android app “could have allowed a bad actor to see nonpublic account information or to control your account (i.e., send Tweets or Direct Messages).”

The problem is not confined to the Indian market, and it is likely that Twitter has reached out to all its users across the globe.

People with Twitter on Android have been getting this mail from the platform over the past couple of days. It is possible the mail might have come to the ‘Social’ section of Gmail (if you’re account is linked), which is probably why you might not have seen it yet.
People across the globe are getting this notification from Twitter.

company confirmed through its post

The company said it does not have direct evidence that malicious code was inserted into the app or that this vulnerability was exploited, but it can’t be completely sure. So, in addition to updating the app (on Android), users are recommended to change their passwords as well.

Apple iPhone users are safe from this breach alert, the company confirmed through its post.

After all of this, Twitter somehow decided not to divulge the number of affected users but it did apologise for the possible breach, which has become the go-to strategy for the so-called social media giants.
Twitter security blog post”We’re sorry this happened and will keep working to keep your information secure on Twitter. You can reach out to our Office of Data Protection through this form to request information regarding your account security.”

Twitter is the latest technology giant to face data breach concerns. Earlier this month, Google informed its users about a vulnerability in Google Chrome, which might have compromised passwords of users in the country.

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