Two robbers arrested for attempting on victim

Raipur: Khamtarai police on Friday arrested two robbers who not only robbed a man’s mobile phone late last night but also made an attempt on his life by stabbing him while he was later trying to locate those robbers along with his brother.

Police have also recovered the robbed mobile phone along with two earlier robbed mobile phones from them and have also seized the bike used in the crime. According to police, complainant Bittu Gupta of Bhanpuri was returning home from his work on Thursday night when two persons on a bike forced him to halt and robbed his mobile phone at knife point.

Soon after both the robbers fled from the spot, Bittu rushed to his house and told about the incident to his brother Tinku and soon afterwards they both returned to the robbery spot looking for the robbers. After a brief search, they managed to spot both the robbers besides a timber mart. Seeing them, both the brothers rushed to them and straightway asked to return the robbed mobile phone.

Despite being nabbed, those robbers bluntly refused to return the mobile phone and soon an argument broke out between them. Suddenly one of them, later identified as Paras Sahu, whipped out the knife and stabbed Bittu in his waist. This attack left both the brothers stunned and taking advantage of their confused state of mind, both the robbers fled from the spot on their bike.

Bittu and his brother then reached Khamtarai police station and complained the matter to police after which an offence was registered under Section 394, 307 IPC against both the unidentified robbers and a hunt was launched to nab them based on the information provided by the complainant. Early on Friday afternoon, police succeeded in nabbing both the robbers who had since been identified as Paras Sahu and Ugeshwar Singh.

Along with recovering the robbed mobile phone of Bittu Gupta, police also recovered two more mobile phones which the duo had earlier robbed from Ganga Nagar and Bhanpuri.

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