Two Videos both Featuring Umbrellas Went Viral, Watch Video & Pics

Jokes began to flow thick and fast on Twitter once people noticed, A Tale of Two Umbrellas: Meghan Markle Shared, Donald Trump Didn't.

Two videos which was featuring umbrellas went viral earlier this week but for very different reasons. Both videos showed a couple standing in the rain, and Twitter could not help but compare the contrast between the two.

While one video showed the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, lovingly hold an umbrella over her husband, Prince Harry, as he delivered a speech in the rain, the other showed the President of the United States, Donald Trump, walking with an umbrella while his wife, Melania Trump, got wet in the rain.

On October 15, a video of POTUS awkwardly hogging the umbrella as Melania Trump got wet in the rain went viral, prompting criticism from netizens.

The video showed Donald Trump getting distracted by news cameras at the White House, leaving his wife stranded in the rain and getting soaked. The video was taken before the two boarded the Marine One.

In direct contrast to this, another video, taken on October 17, showed Meghan Markle holding an umbrella over Prince Harry while they visited the Victoria Park in Dubbo, Australia.The sweet video went viral too, but for a very different reason, as people could not help but praise the royal couple.

As expected, jokes began to flow thick and fast on Twitter once people noticed the contrast between the two famous couples:

These tweet made us laugh out the loudest.

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