UN : Air strikes on Syria hospitals affects thousands of people

United Nations, has condemned a recent wave of air strikes on medical centres in rebel-held parts of Syria including one that put a hospital serving 50,000 people out of action.

The Syrian government, which is backed by Russian air power in its almost seven-year-long war with rebels, says it only targets militants and has repeatedly denied striking civilian facilities such as hospitals.

UN regional coordinator for the Syria crisis, Panos Moumtzis said, he is appalled by the ongoing attacks on hospitals and other medical facilities in northwestern Syria, depriving hundreds of thousands of people of their basic right to health.

Syria’s war shows no sign of ending and a peace conference hosted by Russia yesterday was marred by discord.

The loss of the provision of these medical services, including surgical and reproductive health services, will have a staggering effect on vulnerable communities affected by this conflict, he said in a statement.

A separate UN report said 2,72,345 people had been displaced between December 15 and January 24 in Idlib governorate, and health organisations there were being stretched to the limit.

It described heavy fighting between rebels and Syrian government forces in the eastern part of the governorate, mainly around the town of Abul Thohur and its air base, with numerous civilian casualties.

Saraqib’s town council has declared a disaster zone and called on the international community to intervene, the UN report said.

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