Unfaltering Resistance to the divisive & hateful massive UK Protests against Trump

Hundreds of thousands of people have come out in protest today in London to reject Donald Trump's state visit to the UK.

An anti-Trump chants echoes throughout the city of London and indeed, most of the UK today is showing unfaltering resistance to the divisive and hateful American president.

“They like me a lot in the UK,” Trump remarked a few days before heading to England.

Many are marching to show that they loathe Donald Trump and most, if not all of what he appears to stand for.

When there’s a march, there’s a sign and on those signs there’s usually some damn fine creativity or they’re outright crass but still funny nonetheless.

The best signs we’ve seen protesting his grim visit:

As one of these people so eloquently phrased it “I preferred Obama”.

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