Union Health Min had this recommendation for Bhilai hospital !!!

blood bank of the hospital is most likely to be suspended

In a major decision, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry has recommended that the blood bank of Sector-IX hospital be suspended.

The recommendation has come about in view of the complaint that a girl child was administered HIV infected blood.

The blood bank of the hospital is most likely to be suspended.

It need be recalled that the Raipur based family went about to this hospital to get the twin sisters treated back in October 2015.

One of the sisters had developed some complications.

It was then that the girl was admitted into the BSP Sector-IX hospital but the girl child was administered infected blood.

The father further had to suffer much after this major lapse.

He then decided to strive against this lapse and filed an RTI application in which it emerged that the kit used to test the blood sample prior to it being administered to the patient had expired.

The lapse had been grave and various medical teams including that of union health ministry visited to make inquiries and submitted their report.

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