Unknown assailants open fire in Kenya killing six children

Unknown assailants opened fire at a school in Northern Kenya resulting in killing of seven people including half-a-dozen children.

The incident could be one of the revenge attacks as cattle rustling and clashes over farmland are relatively common between communities in the East African country’s north.

Since the region also borders war torn Sudan, the arms smuggling has become common and local police is having little control over weapons being brought inside the border.

In a report, Kenya’s KTN television channel said four boys, two girls and a guard were killed during the attack on Lokichogio School, which it said was carried out by assailants whose identities were yet to be determined.


“The attack is a painful reminder of the state of insecurity along the border,” Josphat Nanok, Turkana county’s governor, said on Twitter.


The region is awash with guns due to its proximity to unstable neighbors including Somalia, where al Qaeda-linked militants have been fighting to topple the government.

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