Urla police a man from Patan for murdering his mother-in-law

Raipur: Urla police on Friday arrested a man from Patan in Durg district for murdering his mother-in-law and her two sons in village Bana on Wednesday night. The accused had later burnt the bodies trying to project the crime as a mishap.

According to police, accused Chandrakant Nishad reached Urla police station on Thursday and complained that his mother-in-law Dularin Bai and her two sons Sonu Nishad and Sanjay Nishad have died in their house following a fire mishap.

Following his information, police rushed to the spot and soon found that all three deceased where actually murdered by hitting on their heads with some blunt object and later the bodies were set afire to project the incident as a mishap. Police then registered an offence under Section 302, 201 IPC against unidentified accused and launched a massive hunt to nab the culprit.

complainant Chandrakant

Following investigation revealed that complainant Chandrakant was a frequent visitor to the deceased’s house for being her son-in-law, husband of one of the four daughters from the first marriage of her late husband, and had also visited the house on the day of crime.

Following this revelation, police picked up Chandrakant for interrogation but he straightway denied of having any knowledge about their murder. However, in further interrogation he started fumbling and repeatedly contradicted himself which made police more suspicious and they intensified their interrogation following which Chandrakant ultimately confessed his crime of killing all three.

In his confession, Chandrakant told police that on the night of crime he was consuming liquor with Dularin Bai when she received a phone call from some man.

This angered Chandrakant and he asked Dularin to distance away from that man. This led to a bitter argument between the two and in a fit of rage Chandrakant picked up a hard wooden plate and attacked Dularin Bai on her head.

Seeing their mother being attacked both her sons rushed to help her but they too attacked similarly by the accused leading to their death. Police have since seized the blood stained cloths of Chandrakant and the wooden plate that was used in committing the crime.

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