US Congress briefed on how Dawood gang has diversified its crime syndicate

He also faces sanctions from the United Nations under its anti-terror resolution

In yet another sensational revelation, the United States lawmakers were briefed on how the Dawood company, the well known Pakistan based crime syndicate, has diversified its investments.

The pattern has been compared to that of Mexican drug cartels.

It need be mentioned that Dawood Ibrahim is wanted in India for host of crimes and there are often speculations that he may return to India to face trial but has some conditions that need be fulfilled.

The US lawmakers were briefed by Dr Louise Shelley, professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, at the George Mason University.

It was said that the D-company also indulge in trafficking of weapons, counterfeiting of DVDs and providing financial services through their extensive system of hawala operators.

The occasion was Congressional hearing organised by the committee on house financial services subcommittee on terrorism and illicit finance.

India’s sustained campaign against Dawood was finally acknowledged by America in 2003 when the US Treasury department declared him a global terrorist having links with al-Qaeda.

He also faces sanctions from the United Nations under its anti-terror resolution.


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