US General says discontinuation of security aid to Pakistan to continue

problem is compounded by increasing cross-border terrorist attacks

In a remarkable revelation, the United States senior General has said that the they have begun seeing positive indicators from Pakistan.

He said that the freeze in American security aid to the country will continue as it is yet to take any decisive action against the Taliban and the Haqqani network.

He said that posture of discontinuing that support to Pakistan continues, he said.

American General Votel said the US has started to see an increase in communication, information sharing and actions on the ground in response to specific US requests.

This problem is compounded by increasing cross-border terrorist attacks and fires between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which hinders both countries abilities to coordinate on border security, he said.

The US, he said, has

preserved its valuable military-to-military relationship

with Pakistan and attempted to increase transparency and communication with influential military leaders.

He spoke on the urgency of achieving long-term stability in Afghanistan and said that defeating the insurgency will be difficult without Pakistan’s support and assistance.

The US uses ground and air routes in Pakistan to deliver materiel to Afghanistan, he said.


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