US said this on sanctions pertaining to Iranian oil, should India worry !

Hardening the stance on Iran, the United States has now reiterated that it will grant no more waivers for Iranian oil after the reimposition of US sanctions.

This was confirmed by the US special representative for Iran.

US is out to choke the Iranian oil supplies to cap the Islamic country’s income sources.

“Eighty percent of Iran’s revenues come from oil exports and this is (the) number one state sponsor of terrorism..We want to deny this regime the
money it needs,” Brian Hook said.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have increased since May, when US President Donald Trump abandoned a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers, saying the accord was flawed in Tehran’s favour, and reintroduced sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the pact.

Separately, Omani Oil Minister Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumhi told the news conference that Washington had not asked the Gulf Arab state to stop a gas pipeline project with Iran and that talks were continuing.

Washington granted waivers to eight major buyers of Iranian oil – including China, India, Japan and South Korea – after restoring energy sanctions in November.

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