US Secy of State visits North Korea, has this agenda

trip will be Pompeo's fourth to Pyongyang

It is once again that the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo headed to Pyongyang for new talks with Kim Jong Un on denuclearisation and a second US-North Korean summit.

Pompeo had earlier been in Tokyo.

The trip will be Pompeo’s fourth to Pyongyang.

This trip is amid the possibility of a historic US-North Korea deal.

Pompeo struck a positive note when he said that his aim was to develop sufficient trust between Washington and Pyongyang to inch towards peace.

Trump scrapped a previously planned trip by his top diplomat to Pyongyang after what he said was insufficient progress towards implementing the terms of the Singapore declaration.

Japan, which has seen North Korean missiles fly over its territory and been threatened with annihilation, has historically taken a hard line on Pyongyang and stressed the need to maintain pressure on the regime.

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