Uttar Pradesh may soon have Modi temple even as debate on Ram temple rages on

Amidst debates on when the Ram temple in Ayodhya will be constructed,

Amidst debates on when the Ram temple in Ayodhya will be constructed, a Meerut based fan of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced plans to construct a temple in his name. The temple would have a 100 feet statue, it was said. JP Singh, a retired engineer in Western Uttar Pradesh, plans to construct a 100 feet statue of Modi in Sardhana town. Singh, who retired from government service last week, also plans to construct a temple named ‘Modi Mandir’, though he made it clear that it is only being named in the PM’s honour and will not be used to worship the man in anyway. Singh said he will hold a ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ to start construction on October 23.

“Modi Ji has done some great work for us. We saw nearly 70 years of bad governance and then Modi came on to the scene. Under him, the nation is quickly going ahead on the path to progress. A man such as him deserves a monument. That is why I am naming the temple ‘Modi Mandir’ and in the premises will be a 100 feet statue of the PM,” says Singh.

While a statue of the Prime Minister will stand inside the temple premises, there will be no Modi Idol inside the sanctum sanctorum, Singh said. “Modi can be honored but not worshiped, since he is not a God. That is why there will be statues of Vishnu and Laxmi inside the sanctum sanctorum. However, since we wish to honour Modi Ji nonetheless, we will name the temple after him and have a statue of him outside.” The entire cost of the project, he said, would be around Rs 10 crore. “The statue and the temple will be open to the public in two years. The cost will be Rs 10 crore. The money will come through donations.”

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