Uttar Pradesh: Wedding In A Police Station

Cops in Barabanki arrange a wedding for a couple. Families had earlier disapproved of their relationship

A police station in Uttar Pradesh became the unlikely venue for a wedding last evening, with policemen turning wedding planners for a couple that had eloped.

Vinay Kumar and Neha Verma who are reportedly neighbours were in love but their families were against their marriage, so they decided to run away from their colony in Barabanki.

For two days, the families couldn’t find them. On Saturday, they went to the Mohammadpur Khala Police Station to report them missing.

“The boy and the girl were missing for two days their parents had come to the police station to file a report. After investigation, the police found that they were adults and wanted to get married,so the wedding was arranged,” Digambar Kushwaha, a police officer, told.

A room in the police station was decorated with flowers and a feast was laid out. The bride, the groom and their families smiled for the cameras after the pheras, flanked by policemen. Missing nothing in their planning, the police even arranged for a ghodi or mare so that the groom could arrive at the wedding the traditional way.

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