Vadodara rurals beat up BJP councilor; here’s why

Vadodara rurals, whose slums were pulled down in Gujarat,

Vadodara rurals, whose slums were pulled down in Gujarat, beat up a local ruling party councilor allegedly because their homes were razed without any notice. In a video that went viral on social media, BJP councilor Hasmukh Patel is seen tied up, with his white shirt torn, facing torrents of abuse from a group ringed around him.

Around 30 people have been arrested. His attackers were local residents who alleged that their homes were razed by the civic body without notice. A group approached the Vadodara Municipal Commissioner’s office and was reportedly told by officials that a notice had been sent to their local councillor, Mr Patel. The furious group them confronted Mr Patel, who denied receiving any notice.

But his pleas were drowned by angry accusations. He was dragged by the men and tied to a tree on the spot. The attackers then proceeded to grill the politician on why he hadn’t warned the residents about the demolition notice. “I didn’t get any notice,” Mr Patel is heard mumbling each time he is asked a question; the grilling steadily grows  abusive. Civic officials said the structures that were pulled down were illegal.

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