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Vaginal infection – How Ayurveda Can Treat It?

Vaginitis also known as vaginal infection or vulvovaginitis

Vaginitis also known as vaginal infection or vulvovaginitis, is a situation in which the vagina gets sore and irritated. It is a common occurrence in female.

Though it is not a very serious disorder yet it can be a cause of severe discomfort and irritation. Common side effects that are prevalent in the case of vaginitis include either abnormal discharge or vulvovaginal irritation, or both. The discharge may also tend to have anun pleasant odor.

In ayurveda, vaginitis is often seen as an amalgamation of yoni daha and yoni kandu, the two different disorders that affects vagina. The most common causes of vaginitis include:
* Infections
* Consumption of Anti-microbial
* Deficiency of estrogen
* Skin irritants like perfumed soaps and vaginal sprays
* Allergies
* Sexual activity, etc.

Diabetes, usage of steroids or tight clothing is also among some of the causes of vaginitis. Ayurveda aims to treat vaginitis naturally, by using precise combinations of certain herbs in addition to a paste for local application. The following are some ayurvedic home remedies that can be used to treat vaginitis: To relieve the burning sensation: Add water to triphala herb powder; mix the ingredients. Wash your vagina with this solution to lessen the burning sensation.

To eliminate toxins from the body: Make a beverage of dried cartilaginous tube herb in boiling water and consume it. The herb is known to aid the body in eliminating harmful toxins.

To cure inflammation: Garlic and turmeric are known tocure inflammation. You can use this treatment tocure infection.

Turmeric can also be consumed to fight away internal infections. To cure infection:Margosa also known as neem is an effective natural remedy for curing inflammation. It destroys microorganisms effectively. You can use neem powder to cure the infected area.

To combat the growth of harmful bacterium:Citrus juices are known to aid the canal to regain its acidity and prevent them ultiplication of unhealthy bacterium To avoid infection: Yogurt is one amongst the foremost common home remedies for duct infection. If you apply yogurt on the inflamed areas and additionally eat a bowl of yoghourt on a regular basis your infections will disappear. To reduce swelling and redness: soak a clean cloth in cool water and place it on the inflamed space. The cool sensation will compress the blood vessels and reduce the burning sensation, redness, swelling and irritation.

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