Vastu Tips for Bathroom, Construction of toilet in West direction

Construction of toilet in West direction can bring depression

Today let’s have a look at the impact of constructing the toilet in the west direction of the house according to Vastu Shastra. While west direction has been accepted as the second-best direction for the construction of the toilets, building it exactly in the west direction removes the ‘happy’ element from the house.

Building the toilet in the west direction can reduce happiness in the house and people living in it will always tend to be sad. According to vastu shastra, the younger daughter of the house also becomes depressed and introverted. She fails to share her mind with anyone. Especially in winter and cold weather, there tends to be depression in that house. Lack of iron, zinc, magnesium, and other mineral elements cause problems in the health of the residents of the home as well. The hemoglobin of household members, especially women, also decreases.


If, for some reason, there is a toilet in exactly the west direction of your house, then you should paint white in that direction to avoid its side effects. In that direction, something made of iron should be installed or the door of the toilet should be made of iron. Also, sea salt should be filled in the glass bowl in that area and changed every few days. Also, jaggery should be given to small girls between 3 to 5 pm after every few days. By taking these measures, despite having a toilet in the west direction, your home atmosphere will remain happy.

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