Adjacent to the bathrooms and near the kitchen a small washing room for washing clothes and utensils is very convenient.

• Bathroom adjacent to the south-east corner in the east direction is very useful.

• The morning sun rays coming from the east side falls on our body after the bath, which is very useful.

• The wash basin and shower should be in the north-east, north or the east side.

• Heater, switchboard, all other electrical appliances should be in the south-east direction.

• If a change room is to be built in the bathroom, it should be in the west or the south direction.

• Tub bath in the bathrooms should be either in the east, the west or the north-east.

• The slope of the flooring in the bathrooms should be in the east or the north direct ion.

• The outlet for water should not be in the south-east or the south-west direction.

• The mirrors & the doors of the bathroom should be in the east or north, but not in the south direction.

• There should be windows or ventilators in the east or the north. Bath should be taken in the east or the north side.

• Clothes to be washed should be kept in the north-west corner.

• The colour of walls and tiles of the bathrooms should be white, light blue, sky blue or any other pleasing light colour. As far as possible dark red or black colour should be avoided.

• A toilet in the bathroom is not advisable. However, if it is, it should be in the west or the north-west.

Toilet should never be in the east or the north east corner.</>

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