It is extremely necessary to worship the land before the construction work starts. At any place after digging up to one foot if we find bones and filthy rubbish, hair, etc; they should be removed. Baisakh, Shravan, Margshirsh and Falgun these four months are auspicious for the worship of land.

Auspiciousness and Inauspiciousness of the Auspicious (opportune) Moment.

  • As far as possible the auspicious (apportune) moment should not coincide with the extra month (Adhik Mas), the zero month, the lunar month and the sunset.
  • Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided.
  • Monday and Thursday are very auspicious.
  • The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in the pregnancy stage after the seventh month of any lady in the house.
  • Auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in ‘Hadpaksha’ mourning period, ‘Divas karma’ (performing rituals relating to dates) and Shraadha ceremony (religious rites after the death of a person). If the auspicious moment falls in Jaishth or Aashadh, Sickness or unnecessary increase in expenditure results.
  • If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in “Bhadrapad or ‘Ashvin month, expenditure increases unnecessarily and the situation becomes tense for no reason.
  • If the auspicious (opportune) moment is celebrated in the month of ‘Karthik, ‘Paush or Maghs the construction is delayed. There is also a possibility of theft of the building material. Some provoking incidents take place .If there is a conjunction of auspicious stars in sky at the auspicious moment it gives good results. In this age of science even well-known and highly qualified people start their new enterprises at the auspicious moment. The worship of the land should be done in the east or the north –east of the plot at the opportune moment.

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