Vazan Tyohar to be celebrated in Chhattisgarh, nutrition level in teenage girls also to be examined

State Government’s Women and Child Development Department will be celebrating Vazan tyohar in all the aanganbadi centres from February 11 to 20 to find out the status quo of malnutrition in state.

Meanwhile, along with check-up of children of age below 5 years, check up of girls aged between 11-18 years will also be done in aanganbadi centres to find out their nutrition level.

Department has appealed citizens of the state to visit aanganbadi centres the weight check up of children and adolescent girls done during the given dates of Vazan Tryohar.

During Vazan Tyohar, weights of children will be recorded through and their nutrition level will be found through software.

Children will less than standard weight will be identified and examined for malnutrition, and efforts would be made to eradicate malnutrition in them.

Haemoglobin test, weight measurement and BMI of adolescent girls would be done during Vazan tyohar, for diagnosis of anaemia and malnutrition in them. Based on the results, proper assistance would be provided with support of health department.

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