Venezuela protesters block Caracas streets

In Venezuela, protesters took over streets in Caracas yesterday responding to an Opposition call for nationwide protests. Protests were also held in San Cristobal, a town on the border with Colombia. Four months of protests against President Nicolas Maduro have, so far, claimed 113 lives.

Maduro’s government has imposed a new ban on protests ahead of Sunday’s vote to choose a Constituent Assembly to rewrite constitution of Venezuela.

Those violating the order risked up to 10 years in prison.

The President has urged the Opposition to begin talks with his government. He has repeated that the election will go ahead, protected by the military.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos says his country will not recognise the result of Sunday’s vote. He said the constituent assembly lacks legitimacy and therefore, his county cannot accept the result.

The United Nations has expressed concern about the risk of further violence in Venezuela.

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