Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, hosts Sankranti Milan at his residence

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu organized the Sankranti Milan at his residence in New Delhi today. Mr Naidu said, the festival of Makar Sankranti, dedicated to Sun God, symbolizes ‘Uttarayan’ or the beginning of the northward journey of the Sun. He said, the festival, celebrated with different names all over the country, symbolizes the happiness that comes with good harvest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Vice President Hamid Ansari, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, central ministers and other dignitaries attended the Sankranti Milan.

On the occasion Prime Minister Modi said, for centuries Indian festivals have given strength to family, social and national values. He said, one generation passes on to next generation their cultural values and traditions through festivals.

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