Video-calling made easier with Google Allo’s latest update

With the latest update on Allo messaging app, users can now make video calls using Google Duo, without going to the app itself!

The new update, which was launched on Wednesday, enables users to launch a video call on Duo from within Allo itself.

While chatting, users will now notice the Duo icon in the upper-right corner of the chat screen. Tapping this icon immediately launches a Duo call, so the conversation can transition smoothly from typing to video.

To use this feature, both the caller and receiver will need to have both Duo and Allo installed. If Duo isn’t installed, a pop-up will appear that invites a user to get the app after tapping the icon. Similarly, if the receiver does not have Duo installed, a pop-up will appear to invite them to download it.

The new Allo update also brings the ability to add stickers to photos before sending them in a chat.

Standard data rates apply while using the app and this feature.

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