Video goes viral of men harassing a girl, police probes

Police sources have claimed that the girl was offered a lift by a boy

Yet another video of molestation surfaced where in a group of young men are seen harassing and molesting a 16-year-old girl.

The video is said to be of Uttar Pradesh and is viral on various social media platforms.

After the video went viral, at least one of the men has been arrested while two others are absconding.
Preliminary enquiries have revealed that the incident is from July 12.

Police sources have claimed that the girl was offered a lift by a boy.

While the boy most likely was a friend or an acquaintence of hers, police said, it was when they passed through a forested stretch that some of the other boys stopped them and began to molest the girl.

The girl was on her way to give food to her mother working in a field.

The six-minute video appears to have been shot by a young boy on a mobile phone.

The girl was also dragged into the forests where she is heard pleading with the boys.

The girl later told the police that it was perhaps that she was screaming all the time that the boys could not rape her.

It is not clear what happened after this. The girl’s statement will be recorded today and she will be sent for a medical examination.

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