Video of lawmaker shouting at admn officer goes viral, then this happened

Some said that he was heard screaming at Ms Singh in the video

There have been massive online reactions to the manner in which a BJP lawmaker from Agra in Uttar Pradesh has been caught on camera threatening and abusing an administration officer.

Identified as Udaybhan Chaudhary, the 70 yrs old Fatehpur Sikri lawmaker, had gone to meet Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Garima Singh with a group of protesting farmers.

He is caught on camera saying, “Don’t you know I am an MLA? Don’t you realise my power, the power of democracy?”.

Some said that he was heard screaming at Ms Singh in the video.

Much of what he said was drowned in noisy slogans of “SDM murdabad (down with SDM)” by the group with him.

He was leading the farmers’ who wanted the officer to talk to banks over loan repayments.

He alleged that Ms Singh had “roughly interacted” with the farmers as well.

The IAS Association stood firmly behind Ms Singh after the video went viral.

The officers’ group took to Twitter and said, “Threatening young IAS officers working in the field is not acceptable…Proud of Garima Singh, IAS for standing firm and not giving in to intimidation.”

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