Virat Kohli supports ‘crackerless’ Diwali; but how did his fans react ???

Amidst debate over firecrackers and pollution it causes, several celebrities have opined either ways and have received all kinds of reactions for their stance.

Indian cricketing sensation Virat Kohli also joined in the debate when he supported cracker-free Diwali and it attracted all kinds of reactions.

Twiterati instantly cited the massive fire works that is involved in Indian Premiere League matches where as many other accused the player of defying the Indian traditions.


The Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that there should be no sale of firecrackers during Diwali, as it restored a November 2016 order banning the sale and stocking of firecrackers in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR).

The directive, aimed to curbing dangerous pollution levels, found plenty of support from some of India’s biggest celebrities.

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