Virat Kohli’s Tweetratti Look

Virat Kohli was fined Rs 12 lakh for maintaining slow over-rate.

Virat Kohli recently shared his tweet on twitter.

Not ever seen this type of pic. An unfortunate look as his hairs are puffed up on the top,eyes are grooming from speacts,worn blue t-shirt.Captioned in twitter- Love these frames!

Virat Kohli has been fined Rs 12 lakh for maintaining slow over-rate during his franchise’s Indian Premier League (IPL) clash against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium on Thursday.

Besides being imposed with a fine, Kohli has also received an official reprimand for slow over-rate throughout his side’s innings in the clash, which Chennai Super Kings won by five wickets.

As it was Kohli’s first offence this season, the Indian captain has been fined Rs 12 lakh for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct relating to minimum over-rate offences.

“As it was his team’s first offence of the season under the IPL’s Code of Conduct relating to minimum over-rate offenses, Kohli was fined Rs 12 lakh,” an IPL release said.

Kohli smashed just 18 runs in RCB’s defeat as CSK chased down the target of 206 runs with the help of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (70 not out off 34 deliveries) and Ambati Rayudu’s 53-ball 83.

Chennai are currently standing at the top spot with 10 points, having clinched five victories out of six matches they have played so far.

Meanwhile, RCB have slumped to their fourth loss and are at the sixth position, with just four points in their account, and having won just two matches so far.

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Virat Kohli's Tweetratti Look
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