Virat says 3rd Test win is significant and satisfactory

Virat believes that the 3rd Test win against South Africa by 63 runs is significant and satisfactory. Kohli had a lot of things going for him in this Test but more significantly this was a win where batsmen and bowlers contributed equally.

And to pull it off on the most difficult pitch for batting was probably the biggest positive drawn from this Test.

India captain Virat Kohli said winning at the Wanderers was probably the sweetest victory he was involved in though he also rated the 2014 victory at Lord’s high.

“Firstly, we never complained about the tracks we played on. Secondly when we saw the pitch, we knew it’s going to be an equal chance for both sides, we decided to take the challenge head-on, so it feels really, really satisfying to have won on a pitch that was supposed to have pace and bounce and it did and it played to our advantage,” said Kohli after their win on Saturday.

“A lot of people didn’t have belief in us, but as a team, we knew that we were very close in the first two Tests too, and we knew that if we played better in pressure situations than them, then we would win. And we did that in this Test match. This win was very important from our and the Indian team’s point of view, and we were determined to win this match.”

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis too credited India for capturing the key moments of this Test.

Kohli accepted the 2-1 result as fair though he didn’t forget to point out how they were on the ascendancy quite a few times in the previous two Tests too. Inability of closing them out resulted in this series result.

“South Africa played better than us in the first two games, so they deserved to win, as I have mentioned earlier. But we deserved to win this game. They as a team know, at many moments in the first two games as well, we put them under pressure. So, it’s not like we were rolled over.

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