Visitors will soon get glimpse of Punjab’s heritage and arts at Punjab Bhawan


The visitors will soon get a glimpse of Punjab`s heritage, arts, historical and other aspects through wall paintings and graffiti at Punjab Bhawan, New Delhi

as all the districts of the state will depict their achievements, arts and other features they are known for, through art forms under `Adopt A Wall Program` a unique

initiative of Resident Commissioner, Punjab Bhawan New Delhi, Mrs. Rakhee Gupta Bhandari.

Resident Commissioner, who examined the ongoing work under `Adopt A Wall` Initiative at Punjab Bhawan here today, revealed that the sole idea behind the initiative was to provide a glimpse of heritage,

arts, history and other aspects of Punjab and its contribution in the prosperity of India to the visitors
through arts forms.

“ It will definitely add a unique feature to the beautification of the Punjab Bhawan as the visitors from other states will also have an opportunity to know about various aspects of Punjab through art forms, added Mrs. Bhandari.

Resident Commissioner further informed that few months ago all the districts have been informed about the initiative and all of them responded in a positive way.

“The administrative authorities of all the districts are coming forward to depict the achievements or features, their districts known for.

So far four districts including Patiala, Shri Muktsar Sahib, Ferozepur and Barnala have completed their task whilst other districts are also contacting us with their ideas for the same.

At present, the visitors can have a glimpse of unique features and rich heritage of these four districts depicted through wall paintings at both the blocks of Punjab Bhawan, said Mrs. Bhandari

adding further that hopefully all the district will contribute to this in the coming weeks and initiative would reach its completion.

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