with the evolution of man everything is changing and there is a vast difference between what we speak today and how it was spoken.

everything that youth uses today is termed as trending which could also be termed as slang,and those who uses them are considered supreme in their peer group.
vocabulary is something that depicts your personality but now a days everyone wants shortcuts and even words are getting shorter and shorter.

most of the times these words are used while using social media and are considered sometimes unofficial.
here we have gathered some of the most common,

MOS-mom over shoulder
PAR-parents are watching
FAM-closest friend
GOAT-greatest of all times
TBH-to be honest
LMK-let me know

SMH-shaking my hand
BRB-be right back
ITS LIT-its cool or awesome
GUCCI-something is good or cool
SQUAD-term for their friend group
BAE-before anyone else-baby
SKURT-to go away or leave
SIP TEA- mind your own business

PAP-post a picture
IDEK-I don’t even know
IDK- I don’t know
IK- I know
DIME-best of something can be
THOT- thought
HOOKING UP- doing the nasty
TBR-to be rude
TTYL-talk to you later
YOLO- you only live once
HANGRY- hunger+angry
#(hashtag)-to group items together
ASAP-as soon as possible
LOL-lots of love,lots of laugh
BFF-best friends forever

HAHA-laughung hard
ROFL-rolling on the floor laughing

BTW-by the way,etc
do tell us if you like our post or if you want more of these.


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