Wanting to marry former classmate, man kills her on refusal

man had been asking her to marry him

A woman was brutally killed allegedly by a man who wanted to marry her.

It is suspected that man who was also her classmate at a point of time viciously attacker her with a sickle till she died.

The woman, in her early twenties, was working as an accountant in Indore.

Police sources said that Supriya Jain identified the attacker as Kamlesh Sahu (24), a waiter at a hotel.

Police said that the two had at one point of time studied together at Navodaya School in the Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh district.

The man had been asking her to marry him and on refusal, attacked the woman as she returned from work.

The mobile phone from which Sahu sent these messages has been recovered, the official added.

Sahu had been stalking Ms Jain for the past several days and allegedly decided to kill her after seeing her talk to other men, police maintained.

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