Water melon protests break out in Kerala; after prof’s comment over girl students

It was an inappropriate comment that has provoked a stir from girl students in Kerala’s Farook College.

The girl students have taken to streets after the reports of a teacher’s derogatory remarks on the manner in which the Muslim girls were dressing as they ventured out of their homes.

The girls protest was organized as ‘watermelon march’ under the banner of SFI.

The girls took the march to the gate of the college holding sliced watermelons in their hands and sought action against the professor.

It has been reported that a professor had said that in his address to the gathering that girls were dressing in ‘un-Islamic’ manner and that they were exposing their chest like ‘slices of watermelons on display’.

While the Kerala Students Union registered its protest, the ABVP broke watermelons in front of the college gate.

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