Ways to have better sex tonight

A person's sex life hugely depends on their individual preferences, coupled with that of their partner

A person’s sex life hugely depends on their individual preferences, coupled with that of their partner. Sexual needs and preferences are best handled through one-on-one dialogue. But, if something is really not working, it must be tabled, so both of you can work on or around it.

Here are some simple steps to have a memorable sexual experience, as suggested by Dr Manjiri Mehta, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi – A Fortis Network Hospital.

– Physical touch is important and should not be limited to just intercourse. Acts of hugging, kissing, watching erotic movies together, can help build to the climax.

– Praise and compliment your partner; appreciate your partner for the smaller things they do, their gestures, their looks, personality and any other qualities. Appreciation is key to building affection.

– Always hear your partner out, understand their words, action and responses better. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal is important in every relationship.

– Try foods that are commonly called ‘aphrodisiacs’, you can consider trying— Chocolates, Chili Peppers, Figs and Strawberries. Fish and lean proteins also contain Arginine which acts as an aphrodisiac.

– Have a bubbly bath or shower together, this will lift your mood and get your partner going!

– Do not worry only about performance, intercourse or orgasm as if it’s an exam. Relaxation is the key, stressing out about these things will hamper your performance. Enjoy the act.

– Create a conducive erotic atmosphere with scented candles, soft clean sheets, lots of cushions, soothing music and ample aphrodisiacs to make the act even more exciting.

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