Samsung inadvertently leaks its Note-9 looks

Website splurged out features too before taking down


Tech giant Samsung has ‘accidentally’ unveiled to the world what their new flagship model will look like. Despite the picture being taken down immediately, it was quickly spotted and screen grabbed by leakers.

Mashable leaker Evan Bliss took screenshots of the seemingly early release of the Samsung Note 9 before it was taken down. Bliss shared his findings on Twitter where users were given a glimpse at what the new model has in store.

Samsung uses the tagline – "Say hello to super power" to proudly announce that the Note 9 will be their most powerful smartphone yet. Catchphrases aside, it also gives users a glimpse of what features the unit has.

The phone is only shown from the back, but it does give away a lot. The photo reveals that it has an S-Pen stylus, a USB-C connector and a headphone jack – a technology that has been disappearing on other smartphones. Apart from various ports, it also shows a dual camera, flash and fingerprint sensor.

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