Weird habits of celebrities.

Even celebrities are normal human being and are having certain odd habits.Here we are having a list of odd habits of bollywood celebrities.

Everyone has one or another strange habit either it’s me or it’s you. Just like commoners even the B town celebs have some weird habits which you might not be aware of Here we have a list of celebs with their strange habits.

To start with MR. AMITABH BACHCHAN-This might be known to everyone that here wear 2 watch at the same time, and do you know the reason? This is just to know both the time zones that is one is India and other could be any country.

NEXT COMES IN THE ROW IS SHAHRUKH KHAN-it is strange to know that he is so obsessed with his footwear that he opens it once a day and even sleeps sometimes with footwear on. He is madly in love with blue jeans.

COMING TO SALMAN KHAN- nor girls nor bikes but he is fond of soaps! He loves natural and manmade soaps. he has a large collection of handmade and designer soaps.

KAREENA KAPOOR-she is having a habit of biting her nails, sometimes even the nail paint thus she uses acrylic nails.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE-she likes people walking around in the airport and sometimes she even invent stories out of them.

AAMIR KHAN- it is strange but he don’t like to take shower, he does so only when he is not stepping out or is on holiday. Once he shaved off his head when a girl rejected him.

JOHN ABRAHAM-he is having a bad habit of shaking his legs all the time which is annoying sometimes.

SANJAY DUTT-he is fond of gutkha.

PREITA ZINTA-she is obsessed with clean bathrooms, she only enters when it is neat and tidy.

SUNNY LEONE- she is having a habit of washing her legs in every 15 20 minutes and thus sometimes delay the shoot which she never minds.

So how many of you match the habits stated above? do let us know.

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Weird habits of celebrities.
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