What is coming between you and your healthy hair?

By: Tanishka Vats - clipper28 - New Delhi

Unless we get rid of some bad hair habits,we will never be able to achieve good quality hair.
We all want to have good hair days,every day,regardless of whether we are stepping out or staying home.

Hair,just like skin,needs constant care and attention.And even though we may be open to trying various home hair remedies in lockdown,unless we get rid of some bad hair habits,we will never be able to achieve the quality that we want.Find out what common mistakes you could be making every day,and what you can do about it.

⁃ Not shampooing and conditioning your hair properly is one of the biggest mistakes.Always remember when you wash your hair,you have to finish it with applying the conditioner.And how you apply is also important.The shampoo goes to the scalp,and the conditioner gets applied on the strands,and not vice versa

⁃ After the hair wash,if you try to dry your hair with means of vigorous towel rubbing,know that you may be causing a lot more harm to your hair than you can ever be aware of.It is advisable that you use the towel to only soak excess water from the hair,and then let it dry on its own,naturally.

⁃ The other hair care mistake that many people make,especially in winters,or when the temperature drops a little,is that they switch on the geyser and take really hot baths.Keep in mind that hot showers are not good because they cause the strands to become brittle and then break.Lukewarm water is ideal,and if you can,wash your hair with cold water only.

⁃ Hair care experts says a big no no to tight hairstyles.You must never do that because it can tug at the roots and cause hair fall in an alarming rate.Some people go to with extremely tight ponytails, too. Besides being immensely uncomfortable,it can also lead to stress and tension,and cause a headache. If for some reason,you are wearing a tight hairdo,massage your hair immediately when the clips and bands are out.

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