What killed Ryan International School student Devansh Kacrora? Questions remain over a year after death

Who killed 6-year-old Devansh Kacrora? This is a question which haunts not just his family or friends, but also every single parents whose child is studying in the renowned Ryan International School.
Devansh was found unconscious and afloat in the school water tank on January 30th 2016. His body was found at around 12:45pm, he was taken to the hospital by the school staff and was declared brought dead at 13:50pm. His postmortem report stated the time of death to be around 11:45am. It’s been over a year-and-a-half, but no one has any answers to how Devansh died and who is responsible for his death.

His parents have been going in and out of the police station and courtrooms. They are convinced that the police does not want to investigate the matter and that the school has just washed its hands off the case. Ramhet Meena, Devansh’s father tells us that no one from the school came for his postmortem, no one came for the funeral and not one word of support or consolence was expressed by the schools chairman. Instead he alleges, that the then principal, who is one of the accused in the case, asked him to keep quite. “She said that I will benefit from keeping quite rather than losing my calm. She said this to me in the hospital, but later denied it before the police,” said Ramhet.


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