What Sharad Pawar said about bullet train project??

Yet another political bigwig expressed concern over the economic

Yet another political bigwig expressed concern over the economic slowdown and unemployment levels in the country. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Tuesday voiced his concern over these two issues under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime and blamed the steps like demonetisation as well as GST roll-out without adequate preparedness.

“The decisions of demonetisation and GST taken by the prime minister without adequate preparedness has dealt a heavy blow on the country’s economy,” Mr Pawar said.

Interestingly, Pawar also said that Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project was “impractical” adding that technology projects should be more feasible. He comes from Maharashtra which is one of two states said to benefit from this project. “Also, I think a bullet train is required between Mumbai and Delhi or Delhi and Kolkata or Mumbai and Chennai. A bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is impractical. Maharashtra has barely got 4 stations (to be touched by the bullet train), while the maximum stops are in Gujarat,” he said. Mr Pawar, however, was quick to add that he was not against the project’s benefits to Gujarat, but only wanted to point out that it would not benefit Maharashtra. He further said that Railway Minister Piyush Goyal should have put more thought into the project and how it would benefit the two states.

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