What to do after MBA


Students of the current generation have moved way ahead of the days when the career choices they had to make were limited to the streams of Science, Arts, and Commerce. Modern-day students have a wide range of options to choose a career from. Talking about careers in management, gone are the days when students only thought of becoming a General Manager or just pursue a simple management career after the degree course. Students now have the luxury to look up to a large number of diverse fields to make a career in management. Another reason for this paradigm shift in attitudes of the students is that they have now started to care less about what other people are doing or what they have to say about their lives. Societal pressure which existed in a more cruel form earlier than it is today is a norm, which has ruined many lives by making students choose a career that never gave them the satisfaction of achieving something special and was of no use. For the management students, the choice of their careers must be such that every day of work is an enjoyable experience and for that to happen to you have to choose something that you like and which matches your interests. So, a piece of advice to all management students is, that do not buck under the societal pressure and the traditions, get hold of your career, chase your dreams and do something which thrills you. Management is surely more than just DOCTORAL DEGREE and this is what you have to learn.

1. Pursue A Doctoral Degree In Management

The most traditional option and the most popular after MBA Course that students opt after completing graduation is to go for a specialized doctoral degree. DOCTORAL DEGREE teaches you the fundamentals that are required for a professor of management. It is in fact, though as a prestigious course to embark upon the journey to complete your dream of becoming a professor. Although other graduates are also eligible for applying to a Doctoral DEGREE it is a fact that life in the management education field becomes quite easy for a student with a DOCTORAL DEGREE. As an option after graduation one can either do a Doctoral DEGREE or a PGDM. Both the courses are professional and are aimed at inculcating advance knowledge and skills regarding business affairs and management of these businesses. As stated, the students get to specialize in a particular stream of choice as part of the doctoral degree which makes them a highly trained professional and widen their future employment prospects.


2. Work In The Government Sector

The most popular option after graduation is to appear for graduate-level government exams like IBPS, SBI, other bank exams, SSC-CGL, UPSC, etc. Where the syllabus will be focused on the knowledge of banking and business as well. With a degree in commerce, good efforts in preparation can help you in cracking these exams. An MBA student knows the functioning of banks, their administration and about various business-related affairs during the course. So a management student can be a serious candidate for these exams and can become a government-employ by sailing through these.

3 Investment’s Manager

Investments are the biggest source of high incomes in the world. Investment-related industries are therefore seeing the best phase in the corporate world. Positions for mutual fund executive, investment banker, equity research analyst, capital market manager, venture capitalist, asset manager, and real estate are always open and traded by many. Commerce students must seriously look into making a career out of this field.

4 Stocks manager

Again, thanks to a liberalized Indian economy, India has been welcomed by capitalists with a fine deal of investments and amazing projects. These projects have given birth to large quantum of jobs and have surely brought about an increase in employment opportunities in the commerce field.

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