WhatsApp’s latest exciting features now you can use

WhatsApp features like fingerprint unlock, frequently forwarded tool

WhatsApp features like fingerprint unlock, frequently forwarded tool, group invitation and more are available for users now. Here’s what you need to know about the latest WhatsApp features.
Updated: Sep 29, 2019 11:04:33

WhatsApp has been regularly updating its app for Android and iOS with new features. These features don’t necessarily bring UI changes but make chats more interactive and give users more security options as well.

WhatsApp new features are available for all users while some remain exclusive to beta users only. WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users can enrol it. below mention are the few most exciting features available for WhatsApp users.

Fingerprint unlock

WhatsApp users can unlock app with their phone’s fingerprint. On iPhones, Face ID or Touch ID can be used to unlock WhatsApp. Users can also choose to hide message content from notifications for fingerprint unlock on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently added support for Facebook Story to WhatsApp Status. With this integration WhatsApp users can share their ‘Status’ updates as Facebook Story directly from the app. Facebook already has cross-platform sharing for Instagram Stories and WhatsApp is the latest to join.

Group invitation

WhatsApp has a privacy feature which prevents others from being added to groups. WhatsApp lets users choose from ‘nobody’, ‘everyone’ and ‘my contacts’ for WhatsApp groups.The options are self-explanatory but choosing nobody will initiate an invitation to join the WhatsApp group which will expire in three days.

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