While actors are moving from TV to digital, Namit Khanna does the opposite

While actors are moving from TV to digital, Namit Khanna does the opposite

Twisted, with Nia Sharma. Namit Khanna will now be seen in a completely different avatar in his debut TV show, Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai. He will be playing the role of Siddhant Sinha opposite another newbie, Palak Jain. The cast stresses on the fact that the youth will relate a lot to the show. It’s a finite series and a modern love story. Now we have a lot of TV shows that are romantic dramas but this one seems to be different than the others.

Well, we can only judge when we watch it, but we got a chance to meet the cast for a little chat on the sets of Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai. Namit speaks about his take on modern relationships, why the audience will connect with their show, whether the time slot will affect their TRPs and so on. While most television actors are going digital, Namit chose to do TV after doing a successful web series. The actor opens up about why he feels TV has a wider reach and is pretty optimistic about the show. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

Why the switch from digital to TV?

To be honest, digital is still coming up. It’s at a pioneering stage and it will become ‘the thing’ eventually. Having said that, the reach on digital is smaller when compared to that on TV. You’ll see a TV in every household and most of the family members watch it. But I did a web series and it did really well. Web series gave me an opportunity to work in some 15 episodes but I have an opportunity to work for 10-12 months when it comes to television. Of course, the production is bigger and there is international reach also. For me, it was about doing good work.

Tell us something about the show and your role as Siddhant Sinha.

Siddhant is a lawyer and he is kind of shrewd. He is extremely ambitious and wants to make a lot of money, but he hates rich people. The reason for this is his childhood friend, Anushka Reddy. He is very close to her and they like each other but never confess their feelings to each other. There are a couple of misunderstandings and issues that keep them apart. She leaves for New York to study and returns after six years, which is when the story begins. Since there are a lot of unsaid things and misunderstandings, there is constant cold war between them.

You said that the youth will relate to the show. How so?

The main issue right now is how people communicate with each other. They assume and misunderstand things a lot because of which you get that blotch in the relationship. They really care for each other and they all need a quick fix for all the problems. Some things need time you know, especially relationships. You must put in your energy, talk about things and these are the things that the youth will see. It’s very real.


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