Who will the Sports lover vote for? Power Sportz opens up a new window for the Chhattisgarh & MP polls!

We call ourselves a sport loving country, and yet the country lacks a solid system of identifying, training and providing a good infrastructure for athletes and sporting events.

In fact, it is shocking to note that schools lay emphasis on academic career choices, while failing to encourage students to take on some sport with equal enthusiasm. Higher educational institutions too fail to afford the much required attention and importance to sports.


With this as a reality background, Ms Kanthi D Suresh the firebrand Editor-in-Chief of PowerSportz, Indias first sports news channel , did a show that asked who sports lovers should vote for in the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

The basis of this show was to draw attention to state governments to the fact that furthering the cause of and encouraging sports needs to be a part of the overall plan for any state. The show also emphasized the fact that the
subject of sports should an integral part of the election manifesto of state governments, thereby
respecting the sentiments of sportspersons and sport lovers.

In-depth research and analysis of data at school, national and international level of both these states was conducted, which clearly depicted the sordid lack of deliberation and mindfulness towards the realm of sports.

With PowerSportz(www.powersportz.tv) turning up the heat on this issue and the fact that states performing well
in sports, is actually indicative of a lot of other positives. It is possible that the emphasis and attention that PowerSportz has afforded to this issue could make several political parties ‘hot under the collar’.

The fact is sports serves to strengthen social relationships, as it unites people from diverse backgrounds to share purpose and focus. Sporting events are a healthy outlet for the energy youngsters possess, and excelling at sports keeps them engaged and boosts their morale.

Sports also serve to lower the vulnerability to malevolent social factors, while encouraging leadership, tenacity, resilience, teamwork, and mental and bodily strength.

It is extremely likely that this show could ‘shake things on the inside’ for several states and political parties, and urge them to look at sports a lot more seriously.

Whether the actual voters would be influenced immediately by the show or not, over time voters would be impressed by the laser like focus, expertise, and razor edge content and anchoring of the show.

The channel is known for its clarity on the parameters of measurement, and this particular show is no different.

Kanthi is certain that just as governments across the world are seeing the benefits of investing in sports, the state governments in India too will ask themselves this extremely easy to answer question.

When mass participation in sports is encouraged, winners are born, which in turn enables a country to show its prowess on international stages and events.

There is no doubt that investing in sports has a high ROI, and the various ministries (education, sport, recreation and health) need to work in conjunction rather than working against each other.

When the population of a state is healthy and fit, the strain on health services across the country is significantly lowered.

Every state must focus on good playing fields, stadia, coaches, and the focus on sports must begin at the grass root level.

We believe that with this show, Kanthi has outdone herself yet again, and even though it is poised to cause more than ‘ripples’, the ultimate aim of drawing attention to sports, will be achieved sooner than later.

Let’s wait and watch!

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