Why It Is Easy To Break Annoying Habits Like Nail Biting

Skin picking, eyelash pulling and nail biting are the three most annoying habits people have. Second most common habits found among majority of people now are checking social media every minute, staring at strangers and making noises while eating. As unbelievable as it sounds, studies say that 8 out of 10 people will have at least one annoying habit during most of their lifetime.

Well, there is a reason behind fidgety habits. Apparently behaviours like picking at nails deliver a form of reward in unsatisfying situations. Perfectionism may be an underlying cause of many habits, according to a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. Other reasons include fear, mimicking and lack of confidence. And, most successful people often find their way out of these habits. While it is easy to get rid of any annoying habit while you are still a child, it is not an unfeasible task for adults as well. Here are four easy ways to get rid of any pesky habit.

Find out ways to kill your boredom

Bad habits are often formed because of boredom. A habit is only a response to something stressful or boring. For instance, you bite your nails when you are bored. So, it is important to find out new ways to deal with boredom or stress at first plays. When you do that, these new things will substitute your bad habits.

Find out the triggers

When you know your triggers, you will know what to do. For instance, if you have the habit of having chips when you are watching TV at home, don’t stock them at home. So, when you know what causes your habit, you will know a way to deal with it. By knowing what’s causing the bad habit, you will know how to work your way out.

Change your environment

Usually it is the environment that makes habits difficult to change. When you change your environment, you can expect quicker results. When you are not exposed to familiar cues, your habits change. In a study on “habits vs. intentions,” it was found that students who were transferred to another university were the most likely to change their daily habits. They also found those habits easier to change than the control groups.

Celebrate your success

When you feel discouraged, remind yourself how much you have accomplished till date. People beat themselves up about not being able to change their habits. But they overlook habits that they have put an end to. May be it required lot of hard work and self-control. So it is important to appreciate that. You should in fact write down things your achievements that will remind you how much willpower you have.

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