Why Shah Rukh Khan sent his kids Aryan and Suhana abroad for studies ?

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan in an interview said about very important issues such as family and his career. He admitted he doesn’t expect not to be photographed but his family is not keen on it. He has always had to make sacrifices to please everyone.

Shah Rukh, who is married to Gauri Khan, has three children – Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. In a video that went viral last month, Suhana (17) looked helpless and uncomfortable as she tried to hide her face and turns around to escape shutterbugs while she waited for the doors of an elevator to open at a theatre’s basement. “I think the kids started feeling awkward with all the paraphernalia. Every time I go out in a public place, I don’t take them with me. My wife doesn’t come, my children don’t come. I go to functions alone or post they have gone,” revealed Shah Rukh.

To avoid such occasions, Shah Rukh said he made few adjustments for his family. As the superstar added, “Some adjustments have to be made, one of them was that I sent them abroad to study. Not because of the scrutiny, but because they were feeling a little awkward with all the attention they have. I’m happy they’ve gone. Where they’re studying, to a large extent people don’t know me. (But) I’m Okay with them being photographed. I understand photographs (need) to be taken, I’ve explained it to my kids also that listen, if photographers come, stand, do the picture and say it, ‘Please can I go now?’ And they’ll listen to you. I’ve known them for 25 years.”

Shah Rukh Khan revealed that the family rarely travels together unless it is an important event. He either ends up going alone or after his family has arrived. ”…it is a conscious decision to never come together as a family for any occasion.” The actor has accepted his stardom and has now managed to balance his family and his work commitments.

Shah Rukh Khan explained his idea of happiness and how he manages to do a good job as a parent and as a star. The ‘Raees’ actor revealed that he prefers to draw an equal balance between both his work and his family life. He tries to make films that his family and the world like at the same time.

Although the ‘Fan’ actor admitted it is tough to handle both and sometimes has to choose, he hopes the other understands. Shah Rukh Khan gave the example of his hit sci – fi movie ‘Ra One’ which created a superhero for our country. The actor did the film for the kids as they needed a superhero in their minds and he had the chance to make it real.

”For example, I made Ra.One and I’m not someone who is saying it because I can – but I made it for kids. A science fiction where you have a superhero. India doesn’t have superheroes but the world didn’t like it too much. So the balance has to be present – to be able to create a film which everybody likes including the family. And that’s the perfect film and perfect happiness”

The actor will be seen next in ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ which is due to release August 4, 2017.

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