Wildlife enthusiasts breathe easy after ‘growth’ removed from lower lip of male tiger

Wildlife enthusiasts were keenly following a three- hour long surgery by a team of Veterinarian successfully to remove a tennis ball sized growth from the lower lip of Yash, an 11-year-old male captive Royal Bengal Tiger from Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP).

It was said that this is the second time such growth had occurred as the first was removed in August last year and biopsy reports had indicated it to be Granuloma and it was non-cancerous.

The 240 kg big cat was removed out of its enclosure and operated. According to Pethe, after the successful surgery, Yash on the same evening damaged the stitches on his lower lips.

The operation was carried out by a team of Vet led by senior veterinary surgeon Dr CC Wakankar and Pethe along with assistance from Dr Pradnya Pethe, Dr Manish Pingle and Dr Ajay Deshmukh in presence of concerned SGNP staff.

There are a total of seven Royal Bengal Tigers including three males and four females.

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