With India in market for new fighter jets, is tech transfer feasible !!

With India in market for new fighter jets, is tech transfer feasible !!

With talks ongoing to replace the ageing fleet of Indian Air Force (IAF) that largely comprises now obsolete MiGs,  India is set to buy 126 aircraft and world’s biggest arms buyers are eyeing the whole pie and not just a slice of it.

Lockheed Martin, the US-based defence manufacturer, is one of the two prime contenders to bag the deal and has even offered to shift the entire F-16 Block 70 contract production line to India.
Talking to media persons, Lockheed Martin however, pointed out that every company will have proprietary issues that will need to be addressed between two companies.

We are confident that we will be able to resolve that. What we need to protect, we will protect. What Indian companies need to protect, they will also protect. Technology transfer is not just a one-way handover of technology.

Indian companies already have a lot of technology that they’ve developed. But how do we take it to the next level, to being a global player? That is where LM (Lockheed Martin) has excelled in the past. We have built F16s in the past in multiple countries.

We will continue to bring in industries from around the world into India and will continue to expand industries from India into this global supply chain. And Indian industries will become an integral part of the global supply chain for F16s.

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